Axiotherapy presentation

The various medicines and therapies available bring their fair share of relief to a wide range of ailments, and are indispensible medicines based on a powerful and necessary Pharmacopoeia.However, the human body can only find balance in the harmonious equilibrium of the energetic bodies it depends upon.

Axiotherapy is an energetic therapy aimed at balancing and harmonizing our bodies by calling upon our conscious and unconscious memories. We evolve around three axes, verticality, horizontality and laterality. All three enable us to situate ourselves as best we can within matter. Our memories influence our axes to such an extent that, through innate and acquired intelligence, our entire equilibrium can be thrown off balance. To a certain extent, we can control this imbalance, and even adapt to it over time. But the day will come when the options we take in the course of our lives can no longer deal with this disrupted equilibrium.


The method used in Axiotherapy

After allowing the patient to express him or herself and a thorough pulse take, the therapist is able to establish the rebalancing pattern that is required. The releases obtained during the treatment, reinforced by the power of vaporized herbal solutions, enable conscious and unconscious traumas to be erased. The objective is to establish physical and psychological wellbeing by means of an individually adapted technique. Axiotherapy thereby allows better management of one’s life under the best possible conditions once full potential has been reestablished.