Axiotherapy Principle

Axiotherapy allows full harmonization of our energetic bodies through the observation and subsequent balancing of our axes, our conscious and unconscious memories, whether recent or distant. Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that:


"For there to be life, there needs to be movement, and for there to be movement, there needs to be duality."


It is the harmonious management of our dualities that allow balance and the possibility of finding Unity. The mere fact of being alive means we are subjected to three categories of energies:

  • Shen
  • Yuan qi
  • Jing qi

The absence, or state of imbalance, of one of these energies signals death or physical and/or psychological illness.


Shen is the vertical axis energy. It is a permanent indicator that puts in action our relationship between Heaven and Earth throughout our life.

Yuan qi is our lateral axis energy. It reminds us of our incarnation origins, with our father on our right side and our mother on the left. It is the source of our heredity, our genetics and our psycho-genealogy. It is the reference point to determine both our species within mankind and also the model we wish to consciously or unconsciously reproduce or not

Jing qi is the energy that governs our horizontal axis. It reminds us constantly that we evolve on a terrestrial level, and are subjected to a variety of requirements linked to our survival instincts, which mean that we need to find food, water and air in sufficient quantity and quality, otherwise we die. But it is also the axis that expresses our incarnation, marking the three periods of our existence: past, present and future.


Our time on Earth will be affected by our thoughts, actions and realizations. To do so, we need to evolve and yet adapt in order to accomplish within matter what we came to this Earth to do. Whether or not we are aware of it has little importance, even if our mind suggests otherwise!

Each man or woman is in the middle of these three axes.He/she is precious and unique, and will need to find permanent equilibrium so that his/her evolution is as fluid as possible to enable him/her to accomplish his/her task during his/her life on earth.

In order to do so, we need to experience certain events, be subjected to others and surpass yet others. Our energetic bodies are vessels for all these life experiences through conscious and unconscious memories. The information needed to harmonize our energetic bodies is contained within these same bodies at different levels and vibratory frequencies

Liberating, stimulating, invigorating or dispersing the energies related to these memories enables us to progress with fluidity through life, thereby becoming truly aware of our functioning and our environment.

This new state allows us to leave behind an everyday life encumbered with illusions, and acquire through heightened discernment a more accurate vision of others and ourselves.