Axiotherapy's origins

Following formal training in traditional Chinese medicine, I (Marc Lambotte) completed an internship at the Guang an Men Hospital in Peking, which is recognized by the World Health Organization, and went on to study various other techniques in energetic healing for more than 7 years. This training has enabled me to fully understand the mechanism of blockages within our energetic bodies.

Axiotherapy was born of the association of these different techniques as learnt from:

  • Patrice Gros – Reiki,
  • François Dufour – Shiatsu,
  • Jean Blanchet – Traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy and isotherapy,
  • Christian Roche and Michel Kubasiak – Orthobiotic concept,
  • Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet – Theory of psychological splitting.

As well as numerous exchanges with:

  • Philippe Coutand – Homeopathic doctor,
  • Jacqueline Hoffelinck – Dental doctor,
  • Jacques Marche, Pharmacy doctor, to finalize the herbal solutions used during healing sessions,/li>
  • Florence Hagouel – Traditional Chinese medicine therapist who was the first person to experience Axiotherapy (she’s doing very well, thank you!).

I wish to express my gratitude to all those who have taken the time to listen to me, thus showing a patience nothing short of Angelical. They have allowed me, through being able to put my ideas into words, to build up block by block what has today become Axiotherapy.

May I thank all the patients who have consulted me, who through their presence and trust made it possible to continue developing Axiotherapy and prove it’s efficiency.